logo.jpgYahoo has released its Fire Eagle beta version for developer lately. Fire Eagle is an open location service platform offering web, mobile, and desktop developers a secure and stylish way to build new location-based applications. Yahoo ensured that the users will have full control over their data and privacy.

With the data control and privacy protection assurance, Fire Eagle will attract many users to use this platform. Users can hide themselves on how, when and where their location is made available with a single click. They can also remove all their data from Fire Eagle’s database and decide how frequent they want the service to send them emails to remind them that it is tracking their location and asking them to confirm that they want the tracking process to continue.
There are a few application has engaged with Fire Eagle, e.g. Dooplr (an online tool for frequent business travellers) and Danger Day (a service to update location on Twitter). Yahoo’s Fire Eagle is currently invitation-only. If users like to request an invitation code, they can visit Fire Eagle and register their email. Users who are interested in Fire Eagle also can join the Fire Eagle Yahoo Groups.