Coffee lovers have not been given so much attention and pampering before. Now there is a caffeine test kit to test the caffeine level in drinkers’ coffee. Works much like a pregnancy or acid test, one just have to dip a tiny strip of the D-Caf Test Strips by Spoon Sisters into one’s coffee to determine the caffeine level. But one is cautioned not to dip the strip in the coffee one is drinking but merely a test sample. It takes only 30 seconds for the result to show and can be used on any type of decaf coffee.


If the coffee is decaffeinated, the D line in the strip will turn darker, as compared to the C line if the beverage is high in caffeine. Studies have shown that 30% of coffee sold in eateries contain high levels of caffeine despite their claims to be decaffeinated. The D-Caf Test Strips are tiny and can be slipped into the pocket anywhere one goes. It might cramp one’s style a little and mar the enjoyment of a cup of coffee, but the fervent supporter of decaf coffee will find the strips handy and convenient before they sip their hot drink.