As your computer age and the electronic components inside undergo changes in temperature or sustain mechanical stress, critical performance will gradually degrade. It does apply to the color performance of your monitor. The colour representation on the screen of your aged monitor will look different from computer to computer if proper treatment is not in place. The orange color will turn magenta, things look murky and the way images look on screen is totally different from the way they look in print. To continue enjoying quality visual effects, you need to calibrate your monitor to provide a screen display that simulates what you would see on other paper or other computers.

Of course it incurs cost if you are looking for a high-end hardware calibration utility to deliver the needed color intensities. Anyway, if you do not want to spend additionally, an intermediate method to do color calibration is via special software. Give Calibrize a try if you are sourcing for a calibration tool.

Calibrize is a free color calibration tool that gets your monitor recalibrated and brings your color back to satisfactory condition. Users who want to try can download it here. It can run on Windows XP and Vista but it is not for Mac users. Once users have run the calibration tool and adjusted the color profile to its specifications, the color profile will thence be saved and automatically installed to the system so that accurate color profiles will be in place. This calibration tool is easy to use and reliable. It works for CRT monitors, (flat) LCD monitors and even beamers.