CCAnts, which is previously known as TVAnts, is a P2PTV application that allows TV channels via Internet. Developed in China, CCAnts (TVAnts) is one of the few Chinese P2PTV client that been fully translated in English. Due to lack of development, the popularity of TVAnts have been slowly dwindling, especially so after it changes name to CCAnts.

Despite low popularity, TVAnts/CCAnts does host many TV channels from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other international sports and movie cable TV stations. Of course, most, if not all of the feeds are not officially authorized. However, the advantages of CCAnts/TVAnts are that it’s easy to use and fairly reliable in term of streaming or buffering for channels with above average quality, with reasonable image quality. But as TVAnts no longer very popular, the choice of channels have been decreasing, and very few. However, you may still find some channels that you’re looking for.

TVAnts (CCAnts)

The latest and newest version of TVAnts is Build 0836, with the main purpose of changing server address which provides list of channels from to The program expired message has also been removed.

Download TVAnts (CCAnts) Build 0836: TVants.exe or TvantsSetup.exe (Official Links)

TVAnts or CCAnts supports Windows 7, Window Vista or Windows XP with Window Media Player 10 or newer.