Live Bookmarks is a useful feature which allows users to keep track of the latest update on their favourite website. It can indicate to users when mydigitallife publishes or adds a new post, or notify users of the latest news from CNN. If users are familiar with Live Bookmarks, they would have noticed that the Firefox browser refreshes or reloads its Live Bookmarks every one hour by default. However, 60 minutes to do the updating is probably not frequent enough for your requirement.If that is the case, you can make some amendments to about:config by adding a new and unlisted preference.

1. Run your Firefox 3 browser

2. Type in about:config in the location bar. As usual, you will be prompted with a warning message to remind you.

3. Just right-click anywhere under the “Preferences listing” column. Click on “New” and select “Integer” in the sub-menu which appears.

4. You will be prompted with a new dialog box “New Integer Value”. Type in the following into the text box and click OK:

5. Subsequently you will be prompted to Enter integer value input for the desired update rate in seconds (for example 2 minutes would be input as 120).

9. Click OK to complete the exercise.