The improved beta version of Yahoo Messenger 9 labeled as Version has been released for some time. The latest version of Yahoo Messenger 9 (Version is more stable and stylish. It has many up-to-date features that would grab users’ interest. For instance, it features an interactive and dynamic interface; allows photo sharing from flickers, etc. The Yahoo Messenger 9 can be downloaded via the download link here.

Once you have installed it, you can see that your new Yahoo Messenger 9 has a fresh look compared to the previous version, Yahoo Messenger 8. The default skin colour for Yahoo Messenger 9 is a cool purple. But if you don’t fancy purple, you can actually change the colour of the skin. The method is simple; just look for a small button near the options to minimize, maximize and close windows as shown in the photo below.

Click on the button and there are a few skin options for you to choose from. You can personalize your Yahoo Messenger 9 by choosing the default skin available from Yahoo Messenger 9 such as Green fantasia, Graffiti, Purple, Icy Blue, Twinkle Pink, Violet Flame, or Wood. Choose your favourite skin to reflect your personality or mood.