Windows 7 users who fly across country or the world internationally which spans several timezones frequently can now make changing time zone on Windows 7 operating system easier, with a desktop gadget. The “Time Zone Selector” gadget is useful for user who frequently found himself or herself located in area with different timezone, and has to adjust the time zone of the computer to reflect correct timing.

It’s possible to manually change the time zone in Control Panel, however, the process is not automated, nor direct. With the addition of Windows Time Zone Utility (TZUtil.exe), Windows 7 allows Michael Greener to develop a gadget that enables user to change time zone in one click.

The Time Zone Selector or Changer gadget uses tzutil.exe to swap the time zone automatically whenever user clicks on the desired timezone to apply. By default, the gadget has 4 buttons, which represents four time zones in United States of America (US) and Canada.

Time Zone Selector Gadget

P – Pacific Time (UTC – 8)
M – Mountain Time (UTC – 7)
C – Central Time (UTC – 6)
E – Eastern Time (UTC – 5)

For users not in USA or Canada or on different timezone than the above may need to extract the gadget to tweak the configuration or account for the daylight savings time.

Download timezone.gadget

Note: If the gadget is downloaded as .zip file, just rename it as .gadget.