It is pretty interesting and funny to change your online voice into something completely different, e.g. changing a female’s voice to male’s and vice-versa. Your friends or chat room’s friends definitely will not be able to recognize you and you can fool them. To change your voice or manipulate your voice to different tones and pitch for particular reasons, you can try the AV Voice Changer Software (AV VCS). You can use this application to hide your identity while chatting to somebody in a chat room, make internet or PC-to-Phone call, etc.

AV Voice Changer Software (AV VCS) is a professional voice changing software that offers various voice changing related tasks. Besides converting your voice to other voices, this application can also create voice-over, voice dubbing and voice messaging. Users can use it for making voice messages, voice mails, video clips, presentations, e-Cards, etc. Users who would like to record conversations can use the built-in Voice Recorder to record and capture voice and audio. Other than that, another useful function in AV VCS is the built in MP3 included in this application which plays audio files in many formats and morphs songs to gain new styles and experiences in the digital music entertainment.

The latest AV Voice Changer Software version 6.0.31 is available for free trial. It works well with many common VoIP programs, e.g. Skepe, Net2Phone, Vonage, etc. It is also compatible with most of the instant messenger programs such as Yahoo Messenger with Voice, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, etc. Users who want to fool their friends or for some reasons need to change their voice can download it via the link here for a trial.

Download: AV Voice Changer Software v6.0.31|12.93MB
Download: AV Voice Changer Software Gold v6.0.31|11.82MB
Download: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond v6.0.31|16.02MB