The leading developer of secure mobile payment software and payment gateway services, CHARGE Anywhere LLC has announced the launch of CHARGE Anywhere for Google Android, which the company claims as the first PCI PA-DSS validated Payment Application (supported by all major card processors) enabling consumers to process card transactions anywhere from their Android-powered phones with their existing merchant account or bank through an award-winning PCI Certified Solution.

CHARGE Anywhere

“CHARGE Anywhere is positioned perfectly to enable mobile card acceptance and mobile payments with the imminent Android OS growth within the mobile phone marketplace,” said Paul Sabella, President and CEO of CHARGE Anywhere. “With T-Mobile offering G1 and myTouch and Sprint offering HTC Hero Android smart phones, and Verizon Wireless entering the market, Android is reshaping the mobile phone industry. As a leading provider of mobile payment applications and technology, CHARGE Anywhere immediately seized the opportunity to enable secure mobile payments on this revolutionary platform.”

According to the company, CHARGE Anywhere for Android software supports optional hardware like a Bluetooth printer with built-in card reader, allowing merchants to quickly, easily as well as securely accept credit and debit card transactions at the point-of-sale or point-of-service thanks to the touch screen interface.

“A suite of APIs allows Independent Software Developers the opportunity to extend their applications and services with fully PCI compliant, brandable mobile card payment solutions,” said John Coloe, VP for Corporate Development at CHARGE Anywhere.

CHARGE Anywhere for Android platform is available now through and Android Market.