Wonder whether your current computer system is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer, etc? Microsoft has lately released the latest Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) version 5.5 which contains all the necessary tools and documentations to verify and evaluate your computer’s compatibility before deploying or installing the latest OS and other Microsoft products.

ACT will be useful for software developers, independent software vendors (ISVs), IT professionals and even individual users who want to verify their system compatibility and determine the risk assessment for their own or office computers before proceeding to any updating plan. Besides new Windows 7 operating system, users also can use the test tools for the following:

  • To test their Web applications and Web sites for compatibility with new releases and security updates to Internet Explorer
  • To determine potential compatibility issues due to the User Account Control (UAC) feature
  • To create compatibility fixes for their application compatibility problems
  • To determine any potential application installation and setup issues

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