Video streaming speed is always an issue for YouTube users. Sometimes users can watch HD videos surprisingly smoothly but at other occasions the video streaming is extremely slow and jerky, thus spoiling viewers’ mood completely in watching their favorite video clips. There are of course many reasons why the video playback is slow and rough. For instance, it might be due to slow internet connection, loss of internet connection while the video is buffering, computer problem, etc. Understanding the video speed is important to determine the amount of time you need to wait or watch a video and determine the quality of the video you can watch. Besides, it also help you to decide whether should change the internet provider. If you have doubt and eager to find out your YouTube video streaming speed and intend to analyze more on it, you can always go to YouTube’s video speed history page and try the YouTube test video to get the answer.

Users can go to YouTube video speed history to get the statistic showing the past video speeds of YouTube videos users have watched from their location (the current browser at the current IP address). It will tell users the aggregate video speed by other users in users’ city, state, country, and worldwide. It compares users ISP speed, the average speed of internet connection in the country and compares the speed with the rest of the world. By having the information, users can do a better comparison on the connection speed and determine whether their connection speed is too slow or average, etc.

Users can click on to “Show Test Video” icon located at the page to open the test video. The test video will show users their streaming information in real time.