Nowadays most of the mobile devices have been equipped with WiFi Internet access capability and web surfing is so common that it almost becomes part of our daily life activities to keep connected with the virtual world. You may able to find hotspots coverage easily while you are dining but just in case you can’t live without it even while you are driving on the road, Chrysler may have solution for you. As part of the effort to promote In Vehicle entertainment, the giant car maker has announced a new plan to integrate UConnect system into all its new car series that are going to be released in 2009. UConnect is basically a wireless access point that able to convert 3G cellular signal into WiFi LAN (Local Access Network) for web browsing and media streaming in the car while on the move.

Eventhough UConnect is bundled as part of the car multimedia system, but in order to enjoy the service, users will have to pay an additional monthly subscription, that is even higher rate than broadband service at home. The download speed may not be great, only around 600 kbps, but it is more than sufficient for normal web browsing and even email checking. Anyway, this is just theoretical estimation and it may not consider the Doppler effect that would affect the signal quality while running at the high speed. Nobody knows what will happen when the car is speeding at 80 or even 100 miles per hour.
No doubt, this is a great move to ensure seamless connectivity, but if it has been misuse, there could be another serious road safety issue just like the cellphone banning case for drivers that don’t have handsfree kit.