Users should be quite familiar with the big chunk of application invitations and requests they encounter when they log in to Facebook. These invitation or request notifications require users to either accept or ignore them. Most of the time, these invitations or requests are a nuisance to users. To clean them up, you need to go through the invitations or requests one by one. It is a bit frustrating and annoying especially when you have not logged into Facebook for a period of time and there are a lot to be cleaned.

If you are looking for a magic button or solution to clean up these nonsensical notifications with a single click, you can try out a simple Javascript bookmarklet brought to you by IgnoreAll. You can go to IgnoreAll and add Javascript as instructed in the site. Else, you can also right click the Javascript here and select “Add to Favourite”. Whenever you want to ignore all requests in Facebook, just click on the “IgnoreAll!” icon in your favourite list and every request except for friends’ requests, group invites and event notifications will be ignored.
IgnoreAll is an easy and fast way to clear the junk in Facebook.