For those suffering from severe disability and cannot type on a physical keyboard, Click-n-Type is a free onscreen keyboard that allows users to key in information to their PC. Users just need to point a mouse or trackball to the virtual screen and click. RSI patients and users who want to prevent RSI can also benefit from this virtual keyboard as clicking may lessen the damage on fingers and wrists compared to typing.

Click-n-Type is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win-7. The keyboard with an unconventional layout (alphabetically ordered letters) will be displayed upon startup of the program. Users have the option of changing the layout of the keyboard to the conventional qwertz or a special arrangement optimized for joysticks, amongst others. Special keys like ‘alt’ or ‘shift’ can remain active for a while so that uses can click on other keys simultaneously to activate specific functions. For instance, it is possible to launch the Windows Task Manager by keying in ‘Ctrl, Alt, Esc’ with the virtual keyboard. Click-n-Type also has auto complete and word prediction functions besides audible feedback options such as Spoken Keys. The ability to scan provides more comprehensive functions and flexibility for users.

Download Click-N-Type: CNTzip.exe.