Google Translate is one of the powerful tools that allows translation from one language to another but there are still some troublesome steps that you need to go through before able to utilize it. In order to simplify the process, a new client based Google Translate utility has been released to speed up the translation process by just highlighting on the text without the need to go through the hassles like in conventional way.


Without the need to even right clicking, just highlight on the respective text and a selection of googletranslate will appear on the top right beside the text and just select either the ‘G’ for Google Translate or ‘W’ for Wikipedia access operation. This client is compatible to work with any webpage, Microsoft applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Adobe Acrobat reader and many more. If you have tried, even a hyperlink text can be highlighted and translated without any problem.

During the process of setting up, users can define the translated languages and this can always be changed at a later stage depending on needs. By default, applications other than webpage will need to be enabled first in order to enjoy this. The method is simple, just switch to respective applications, then click on g button in system tray followed by ‘Enable in Winword.exe’ (if it is Microsoft Word for instances) and it will be enabled accordingly.

Client for Google Translate supports more than 50 languages and is compatible to run in Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and even 7 Operating System environments. For users that needs to access Wikipedia articles and XDXF dictionary, they can choose to upgrade at only $15.95 per year for unlimited PC usage.