If you deal a lot with Windows system and looking for way to improve the work effectiveness, here is a useful utility that you can consider. Named as Commands in Demand v9.6, it simplifies the access method to some of the common commands that being used in Windows system. Surprisingly, there are over 70 Windows commands that can be found in the user-friendly GUI for quick access to some functions that could be time consuming to access.


This utility is specifically useful for those non technical personnel that have trouble searching for the right functions in Windows OS. Even if you are familiar with Windows OS environment, this will definitely help to speed up some accesses without having you to go through the hassle like in conventional way. For instances, now users can access the Device Manager by just clicking on the ‘Devices’ icon, or to terminate certain un-responsive programs, open a new command prompt windows and many more by just clicking on the respective icons displayed on the left of the GUI panel. Besides, all these functions are well categorized so that users can look for the specific functions instantly without wasting time to search for them. However, do take note that there could be some duplicate functions appeared under different categories since some of them are inter-related to each others.

Consumed at around 3.3MB of your hard disk space, this is one of the very useful utilities that worth to be installed in your Windows system for much more effective work in your daily life. Users can get a free download here to see how much it will help you shortening your access time to some common functions.