If you are dealing a lot with collateral reviews and editing and would like to always able to zoom into particular change quickly without going through the whole document, then this free online service may able to assist you. At CompareMyDocs, users can simply upload a number (up to seven versions) of text based documents and it will help to compare and point out the deltas in different revisions for quick glance and comments consolidation.


Without any installation required, just go to CompareMyDocs and you are will come to a simple interface where you can browse for document files (in rtf, doc, docx formats) and upload them for comparison using online service. Currently this is still in beta version and so there are some limitations such as incapable to handle graphics, images, tables as well as footnote. Anyway, it works great with any plain texts and more importantly, it is able to highlight the differences and allows you to accept, reject, hide the suggestions or move to scrapboard. The delta will be highlighted in different colors and click on the highlighted box will update the text accordingly. That is not all, you can even highlight the change in Bold, Italics font or underline it while moving the comment box away from original texts to make it more systematic and easier for viewing.

Once final edition is done, the updated version can be saved as local copy to be sent to the peers for final touch up or further processing.