Net users nowadays tend to register and open a lot of email accounts from various service providers. Each email account might have its respective purpose or usage. Creating a new email account will probably take you a few minutes; however, managing various accounts can be a tedious and time consuming task. To make life easier, a new and free webmail service, Zenbe, has come into the picture. This free service allows users who have multiple email accounts, calendars, to-do lists and task recordings to be centralized and organized under one umbrella.

Zenbe service is free for registered users. Once users have registered and signed in, users can consolidate their multiple email accounts to their Zenbe account. It supports webmail service providers such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Mail, AOL, etc. Besides these email accounts, users also can configure their personal email account that is registered with their own web host if they have the relevant information such as email address, password, pop account, etc. In the consolidated account, Zenbe users can organize and manage their messages by tagging them. With appropriate tag names, it helps in searching or browsing the old messages.

Other useful features available in Zenbe include Zenbe calendar and Zenpages. Zenbe Calendar can import your activities checklist or your schedule of events from other email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo. Instead of managing them respectively, you can import and manage them from Zenbe – simple and convenient. Zenpages is a service available from Zenbe which allows users to create shareable pages such as to-do list, appointments list, etc. These shareable pages can be viewed by users’ invited guests such as friends, family members, etc.

Zenbe is pretty useful for people who are managing a handful of email accounts. It helps users to save a lot of time and trouble. Users who travel a lot or busy with their schedule will love it very much.