iPhone multi-touch screen is notoriously not working fine with people who wears glove, as the touchscreen built on Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology works best on finger gesture by human skin, and not through a layer of clothing. For iPhone users who love to use it as iPod music player, but found it hard to control the iPod player using the touchscreen, there is an app that allows user to control iPod with Volume and Sleep button.

Actually, iPhone has a built-in shortcut to launch iPod Controls without unlocking the iPhone lock screen, or access iPod Controls instantly from any app screen, in order to pause or play the song, or skip forward or backward the music track. The built-in iPod Controls shortcut is an easy double tapping of Home button. However, the default iPod Controls still require using of touchscreen to control its function.

GlovePod is a third-party app which allows user to control iPod music playback with just volume and sleep buttons on iPhone. With GlovePod, iPhone users can double tap the Home button to invoke iPod Controls, but now it’s possible to press the volume buttons to change songs, where volume up and down buttons are skip forward or backward respectively. Users can also press and hold Sleep button for a few seconds to pause or resume the music playing.

GlovePod is available via Cydia on jailbreaken iPhone for free. Simply search for “GlovePod” in Cydia to install GlovePod. Reboot iPhone after installing GlovePod to activate GlovePod.