pdfmenot_logo.gifPDF format is a popular file format for electronic document which is widely used nowadays. With Adobe PDF, users can capture the original look and feel of a document, including all the fonts, images, graphics, and formatting of the original application file. However, this digital document format sometimes can be a real pain to users, e.g. slow download, slow response and slow in powering up Acrobat reader. To reduce the hassle, users can try some free online PDF to Flash converters which will instantly convert the Adobe PDF document to Macromedia Flash format without changing the original layout, formatting and images. These online PDF to Flash converters are useful either to readers or bloggers/website owners.

Bloggers/Website owners can embed the PDF files into their websites or blogs for viewing. Readers who don’t have Acrobat Reader installed in their computer can view the PDF file online without difficulties. There are a few free online PDF to Flash converters available that users can try. One of the useful PDF to Flash converters that users can try is PdfMeNot service.

PDFMeNot is a free online PDF to flash converter. It can convert a PDF document into flash display format for viewing. To use this service, users need to go to PdfMeNot and either enter the URL of a PDF file or upload the file from the computer. For instance, let’s say you have a PDF document via “http://abc.com/report.pdf. Go to PdfMeNot and type in the URL. You will be able to read the digital document in flash format. You will also get a link to connect the existing file to PdfMeNot and an embedded code. Based on the above example, the new link and the embedded code will be:

New Link: http://pdfmenot.com/view/http://abc.com/report.pdf

Embed Code:

You can paste the new link or the embedded code to your blog or website and PdfMeNot will open the digital document for the readers.