Prior to the release of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010, users of older versions of PowerPoint such as PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint XP, PowerPoint 2000 and PowerPoint 97 will need the help of third-party software programs to save and convert PowerPoint presentations as video or to CD and DVD. However, for PowerPoint users who want to convert or save the presentation in a video format, PowerPoint 2010 has made it easy.

PowerPoint has been widely used to prepare presentations, animations, slide shows and multimedia for work, commercial, training education, government, leisure and many other purposes. On many occasions, PowerPoint users will want to save the presentations created as a video file, as the presentations in proprietary PowerPoint file format such as PPT, PPTX, PPS and etc requires a computer with PowerPoint program or PowerPoint Viewer (download PowerPoint Viewer 2010 and PowerPoint Viewer 2007) installed.

By converting the PowerPoint presentation to video, users can upload and share the presentation video or slideshow easily on Youtube, Facebook, MySpace and other video sharing sites. Video can also be burned to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc for distribution or playback on TV. And video files can be directly played by increasingly popular HD media player for playback on LCD TV.

In PowerPoint 2010, users no longer need any third party software application to save presentations in video format anymore. PowerPoint 2010 includes built-in support to save presentation as Windows Media Video (wmv) video format. Windows Media Video encoding is widely supported, thanks to built-in codec support by Windows operating system.

Here’s how to save a presentation as WMV video in PowerPoint 2010:

  1. In PowerPoint 2010, click on File tab, then click on Save As.

    PowerPoint Save As

  2. In the “Save As” dialog box, select Windows Media Video in “Save as type” drop down list.

    Save PowerPoint Presentation as WMV Video

  3. Enter a file name for the video, and click on Save button.
  4. A video creation progress bar will be displayed on PowerPoint’s status bar. Once process completed, the video can be played in Windows Media Player right away.

    PowerPoint 2010 Save As WMV Video

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  • Adhinarayanan

    I followed all the above mentioned steps. I got my ppt converted in to a wonderful wmv video. But there is one problem. I have a 11 slide presentation which runs for about 7 minutes for which I have addded a 3 minute audio track as a background music. In the ppt show the audio track runs exactly across the slides till the end of the presentation. But after video conversion, the audio track stops after playing one round. It doesn’t start after the first round and the rest of the slides run in silence. Can anybody kindly suggest a remedy?

  • Natasha

    is it just me or does it take forever?

  • Merv Nash

    I bought the Student version of PP and there is NO drop down box in the SAVE button to convert to WMV or anything else.

    Do I need the pro version or something?

    I tried to use Wondershare PP to video converter and it stuck at slide 2 and would not go on even after two attempts.. So that program is no good eoither

  • Aaron C

    I have done as you've recommended above, by saving my PPT as a WMV. However, the slide 'transitions' do NOT convert AND the audio track embedded in the PPT also, does not convert to the final WMV file……
    How do I fix this?

  • Jody

    I was having the same problem getting audio to play and OMG I am so embarrased it was just because my volume was turned all the way down

  • Chazzza

    Brilliant Mate Nice One!!!!!

  • Michael M

    Comment 1 was right " That Sucks"

  • Charleston Sityar

    I included an audio file on the presentation, but when I save it as a video, the audio is not included together with the presentation I made, that kinda sucks

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