After installing Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional Edition onto a computer, officially it’s impossible for user to convert, or upgrade from Windows XP Home to Pro edition, or downgrade from Windows XP Professional to Home edition without reformatting and reinstalling the operating system from clean and fresh state.

A lot of people always associate conversion of Windows XP edition to illegitimate or privacy reason, but sometimes, there may be legitimate and genuine reason for change, such as customer, who all the while using Windows XP Home Edition (HE) finally buy a genuine license product key for Professional edition to replace the illegal pirated version installed, or user receives additional license as gift, but don’t want to go through clean install Windows XP again, or want to keep using the computer with all data intact without interruption.

Here’s a trick to convert and turn Windows XP Home Edition to Windows XP Pro Edition, from within the operating system without going through installation again. Ok, let’s be frank. The hack doesn’t actually install and add in all the features from Windows XP Professional that Windows XP Home lacks of, such as Remote Desktop Server (see guide to install Remote Desktop on XP Home) and Group Policy Editor (GPedit) utility tools, which has been removed on Windows XP Home edition. Some functions which turned off and disabled via integrated switches which read from registry flag whether it’s Home or Professional edition, such as EFS, RAID support and ability to join domain, may or may not work after migration. Basically, the trick only work to let Windows XP recognizes itself as Professional edition.

To convert and upgrade Windows XP Home to Windows XP Professional, follow procedure below.

  1. Open Registry Editor (regedit).
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet00X/Control/ProductOptions, where ControlSet00X is the one with the highest number.
  3. Delete the ProductSuite registry key.
  4. Then, create a new DWORD value and named it as Brand.
  5. Set the “Brand” value data as 0.
  6. Reboot the system.
  7. On boot up after the BIOS screen, press F8 to display Windows XP Startup Menu.
  8. Choose Last Known Good Configuration (LNG) and hit Enter.

Windows XP will start up as usual. After logging into the desktop, check the system properties to verify that it’s now Windows XP Professional.

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  • how i realy upgrade Windows XP home to pro ?

  • Kunher

    Wewww.. Awesome.. Worked perfectly for me..

  • Mario

    XP Home can be upgraded by using an XP Pro Retail Upgrade disc, Don’t confuse it with the XP Pro OS retail disc that is also available, it doesn’t have the option to upgrade. Instead it clean installs XP Pro. best place to look is on ebay.

  • xrror

    Thank you for posting this, it totally saved me a few hours of grief. This change is enough that you can then use an XP Professional disc subsequently “repair” a existing Home install to Pro.

    Thanks again…

  • Bebs

    Thanks… it’s great I dont think it’s illegal : it’s just making XP Home making himself believe is Pro. It’s not forbidden to manipulate registry.
    It worked for me.

  • Joe

    It is not illegal, Crybaby.

  • Gary

    Error on restart – detected version tampering – Lesson leared. Don’t listen to internet hacker morons. If you want professional, buy it.

  • Gary

    Crashed!!! When running windows update would not complete loading windows on restart. Had to re-image. Don’t do this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    This is ileagal!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    guys this is ileagal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gian

    With this patch is possible to override the limit of 5 simultaneous network connections?

  • xphelp

    I tried this, it works fine except when i try to join a domain i get an error message.

    It is the same as i join any other computer to the domain, i use the same passwords, i am logged on as administrator etc.

    but i get:

    The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "[domain name]".

    Access is denied.

    However on the server a computer has been created with the name of this machine.

    I am wondering if there are some registry keys that we need to change the permissions of ?

  • angelo

    under systems can not find any thing that pertain to the post.CS oox what does show is 005,004,002 can find the balance of the string which one do I change


  • RGG

    Thank you, The instruction is clear and work for me, now my system allready XP professional.

  • Rich

    Ha! Awesome. I had an old XP Home Edition box that needed to go on the domain, couldn't upgrade to Win 7 as it is running incompatible legacy software. Superb, 5 minutes later problem solved. Can't believe how simple this one is.

  • kucing

    its working. but when i try to run gpedit.msc it fail. gpedit.msc only available for xp pro only…

  • SirHacksAlot

    hahaha this actually works! you are awesome!

  • NaSSiM

    haha nice trick it worked for me perfectly :) followed all the steps and bingo now it's win xp professional im gonna install the rdp stuff now thanks :)

  • MrTheV

    Messing with "ControlSet00X" the way it is described seems to me like the author does not really understands what it is about.
    Let me explain:
    Windows keeps a "backup" of the "controlset" hive of its system registry, in order to be able to use it as the "last known good configuration".

    Check this article for more details about these:

    Note that CurrentControlSet is just a logical link to one of the sets.

    So modifying the ControlSet00X that has the greater X value may not be the "LastKnownGood. It could be a "Failed" set (they stay here forever unless you know how to delete them).
    And using "LastKnownGood" might have some side effects. The most obvious is to loose what has not been propagated to "LastKnownGood". So this tutorial should begin with a reboot of the computer (since CurrentControlSet is copied to LastKnownGood at shutdown time or after a "successful" boot)

    And what the point not to change the value in the CurrentControlSet anyway? Will Windows undo the changes on a reboot? Well try it by yourself: Rename this value and you get a "Licence Violation" message. And the value is restored immediately. So the trick CAN work, but you should first:
    – Reboot your computer
    – Identify the "X" for the "Last Known Good" configuration by inspecting the HKLMSystemSelect key
    – Change the Registry value for this "ControlSet00X"
    – Reboot and select "Last Known Good" configuration

  • anthony

    thx alot, after rebooting and following the steps, my keyboard and my mouse do not work once at the logon screen. tell me how to fix without going to restore the system

  • daniel evans

    what utter garbage this doesn't work i tried this get this nonsense off of here, if you want professional you should have bought it in the first place, you can't just change it by messing about with keys what utter rubbish.

  • Darthvader

    Although, my OS has changed to Windows XP professional , in the system menu i have complety lost the REMOTE tab which is the main reason I wanted to go through the conversion.

    Help ?

  • Slip

    It worked perfectly on my Windows XP Home Edition. It has become Windows XP Professional. It's just… incredible. Thanks!

  • jpcvdp

    The key productsuite keep reappearing in Current and 003. So after reboot with the last good configuration nothing changed.

    Did Microsoft block this hack ?

  • Tnor

    It also work for me. tusen takk

  • john

    it worked perfect, thanks!

  • Beyzi

    for me it worked !

    I did it over a notebook , now I'm going to install remote desktop ;)

    Thanks for very nice explanation .

  • denesizlik

    This is great. Im highly impressed. Thnx a million ;)

  • ks

    Thanks for your advice and expertise. I tried this and it has completely f**ked my operating system. My applications now crash continually or simply will not open at all. Are there any other pearls of digital wisdom you would like to impart?

  • DeVon


    Were you able to install IIS after you did this conversion?

  • Andrea

    Hi, pls i need some answers, can you contact me?

    I have Windows Xp Media Center, have tried all the steps but nothing has changed.

    Pls can you help me?

  • Byron

    So I did this and it works, but I immediately turned off auto-update because I saw people had legit licenses going bad in earlier comments. I have a legit license and I don't want to get locked out of windows. Is it safe for me to turn on auto-update again? I had sp3 already on the machine before I did the hack. Is it possible to revert back to home and keep the remote desktop hosting?

  • me

    worked great, thanks

  • abrazh

    i want to convert xp home to xp pro but as in the procedure i couldn’t found ControlSet00X

    And how can i revert back to xp home

  • ac

    I dont have controlset00x instead i have controlset01x, and controlset02x which one should i delete?

  • joseph

    how do I do this for vista?

  • kenny

    This is great. Im highly impressed. Thnx a million.

  • Ricky

    When I try to delete the "Product Suite" it gives me "The system has detected tampering with your registered product type.

    Any Ideas?

  • Popa Andrei

    Worked for me to an laptop :D

  • Josh

    It worked :) Now can I activate my windows with a xp pro product key?

  • maria

    Would this work for a netbook as well?

  • Josh

    How do I Change back?

  • George

    It works as advertised. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • ESOJ


    my ethernet cable came loose when i did the process. correction.

    it works. thank your BRILLIANT!!


  • ESOJ

    If this help anyone. After i followed the steps, my internet, wireless, lan connection stopped working……:(

    bummer….reall BUMMER.

  • Brian

    dude!!! it worked. thanks alot.

  • Falguni

    God bless you, It works. Thanks a lot. I do not have words to say thanks. Million million thanks

  • Adam

    Worked just as advertised for me!

    I needed to upgrade to XP Pro to install SAS 9.2. SAS recognized XP as Pro and installed perfectly fine. No immediate errors for me.

  • stano

    It works OK, but my XP Home SLP (Slovak)is now in English (on Desktop)

  • the dude

    This is fantastic, I had no idea it was so ridiculously easy to do.

    Thanks for the info

  • kumaran

    Can we install iis after this convertion?

  • Lester

    It Works great all the way to XP PRO without any problem.. Thanks Dude your the man…..

  • Tyler

    w00t! Yet another satisfied reader. Thank you!

  • anonymous

    thanks! i was able to install arabic version on this without having to format the computer.

  • umpiloto

    dude, ur da bomb. this worked perfectly.

  • Ralphy

    Thanks! It worked great on XP Home SP3. It looks like the "Join a Domain" option is now available. Yay!

  • Xp Hack

    Worked great for me on SP3. Also, it passes WGA afterwards!

  • PeCo

    Thanks, works great. Now I can "remote" to my 2 test PC's without the need for individual keyboard, mouse or screen. Even better, I can use host PC display resolution for the test boxes.

  • ryan

    anyone know if this hack will unlock the 2gb ram limit on xp home?


  • GOOD, it works… and it can rember the share pass… thk a lot

  • i have a home edtion xp,( a genuine copy) and i have also a genuine copy xp pro,can i upgrade?without reformatting???


  • Jonn

    i did this exactlly as shown and now my computer slowed down so much i cant even log in. it takes forever to "apply computer settings" and i can barely use it now. any suggestions?

  • emir

    will this make the compuer connect a domain?

  • emir

    will this make the comptuter connect to a domain?

  • Anonymouse


  • Erik

    This worked perfectly for me. I needed to get ADP to see the computer as XP Pro and this did the trick.


    I would not recommend it screwing around reprogrammin files in the registry can seriously alter you PC's performance unless you know what ya doin but good work mate

  • Hermann Friedmann

    Incredible! thank you.

  • Kam

    Did follow your instructions….but still XP home

    What shall I do


  • mylogon

    Hmm, I get a warning from Windows that I am tampering with the license and it will not let me change. I also do not have the Control key at the last ControlSet00X but an earlier one.

  • jongskii

    it works. its now win xp professional

  • cory

    perfect. thank you.

  • George Scrute

    If yous could see my red ears! How embarrassing!! I believed that I had read somewhere that to use Remote Assistance, the host machine must be XP Pro. This is not true, I have discovered (just now). I was perhaps confusing Remote Desktop, which does require XP Pro (unless one uses the workaround suggested on these pages), with Remote Assistance.

    Now I reckon we know why the other 103 responders didn't ask about Remote Assistance in connection with this hack! Sorry if I inconvenienced you (I can only hope that anyone who may be as confused on this matter as I was runs across this URL).


  • George Scrute

    Alas, none of the 103 responders seemed to address the question of Remote Assistance with this hack. While the majority, maybe even the overwhelming majority – of those wishing to simulate XP Pro privileges on XP Home might mainly be interested in Remote Desktop, there are a few of us who are more interested in the hack's ability to provide Remote Assistance (which uses Remote Desktop, features, says Microsoft, but is not the same). So, will or will this hack not provide Remote Assistance (Host assistance, since even client assistance is available in XP Home, otherwise this would be leaving out the majority of the XP community, so what would be the point?!)? Thanks.

  • ez@z


  • jon

    Adam, Before I try this I need to know if it will solve my problem. I have an office network (6 XP Pro computers and 1 XP Hom(which has a database we access) I've read that XP Home will allow up to 5 computers to connect to it. My problem is when five of the XP Pro computers are connected to the XP Home computer, the 6th XP Pro computer cannot connect to the XP Home computer. Will your upgrade workaround solve this problem?

  • adam

    (and i meant f_8_ not f9; typo….)

  • adam

    Comment 83 by alex has the fix if you wanna go back; you'll eventually end up with a higher-number ControlSet00X; delete the Brand value, readd the ProductSuite key (Reg_Multi_SZ type) with value of "Personal" (no quotes), then reboot, hit F9 after BIOS comes up, choosing Last Known Good Configuration. No reinstall or wackiness after that; you should be back to normal Home Edition again, apparently no one the wiser.

  • wongles

    Having carried out the procedure on xp home, can the MUI language pack for xp pro be installed?

    Does it matter if SP3 has been installed or not?

  • JHPArizona

    I tried this because I wanted to be able to get Remote Desktop working. Works like a charm!

    I have even been able to go back and forth between home and pro. You may have to play with different control sets to get this to work. I went back an forth a couple of times and then it stopped allowing me to change it. After a couple of reboots, it removed controlset003 and I then modified controlset002 (again) and rebooted to Last Known Good Configuration and it again displays as XPPro.

    So anybody wishing to do this should be able to switch back and forth.

    Just for the record this is a Sony Vaio with a P4 processor. NOTE: I did upgrade to SP3 before trying the modification.

  • Great it works,

    But how can I revert back to Windows XP Home ?

    Because my license is XP home, not XP pro :(

    Thank You

  • Great, it success…

    but How can we revert to XP Home again without reinstalling :(

    Thank you

  • Alexsandro

    This don't work very well, when I delete this key a follow msg show:


    Windows – License Violation


    The system has detected tampering with your registered product type. This is a violation of your software license. Tampering with product type is not permitted.




    And now, What to do?

    My Windows is a legal copy.

    And I just want enable terminal service.


  • Gregor

    Thanks alot.

  • simon

    on regedit, i am unable to find the controlset00X, i only see controlset001 and controlset 002.

    am i missing something?

  • MdX MaxX

    How do I reverse this process?

    I just upgraded my PC to SP3, and now I can't log in because I get this error: "A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code 0x80004005." I believe this tweak may have something to do with it.

  • rami

    hello …

    thank you ,nice trick …

    can i convert xp pro to home ?!

    Thanks …

  • sneaker321

    Hey great upgrade, dude any ideas about how to make the system update it's time automatically according to the server?

  • Luiz

    It worked smoothly on my eeepc 1000h with asus' oem m$ xp home.

    Nice stuff you got here. Congrats.

  • LazyAndroid

    Ok, so this is for illegal versions of XP, but I just got a second hand pc with XP Home and I think it is a legal version (I got it as a gift from a lawyer company wich deals with copyrights and stuff). And I happen to have an original Microsoft legal CD of XP Professional somewhere in my room, I just need to find it.

    Is there any way to upgrade it legaly, with the true XP Professional without reformating? I also got Microsoft Office with the new PC and I don't want to lose that on the reformat as I don't have a legal copy of MS Office and I would rather keep as much legal programs as possible…

    Hum, I mean, I always keep everything legal, don't you think I have an illegal copy of Photoshop or anything, or even the entire Adobe Creative Suite 4 for everyday professional use. No, no, of course not.

  • Matthew H

    Ok, so I used this trick on my desktop when I had XP Home, but I just installed Windows 7 Home Premium and I'm wondering if this could be adapted for changing Windows 7 Home Premium to think it is Pro or Ultimate? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • lx

    Nice trick!

    It realy works with WInXP Home SP3 ! :)

  • Raymond

    i don't think this will work on sp3. cause what happens is system freezes up on restarted. also editing registry keys doesn't work… it'll revert back to original values???

  • alex

    EDIT ON THAT LAST POST: when i said clear the registry i didn't mean clear the registry like whipe it clean i just meant clear the registry key for ProductSuite.

  • alex

    Thanks a lot man, took me a few tries, at first it was giving me the error message I couldn't erase the registry key, then tried to just clear the registry, rebooted & it still wasn't working. But after like the third try I saw that they added controlset006 to the registry (previously just controlset003 was highest), changed the settings in control set 6 and vuala! It's now recognized as xp pro, thanks a lot dude!

  • pin

    Restored System and got back to normal Home edition.

  • pin

    The trick is useless, local security policy console did not show up.

  • It really works (on wmware workstation)

  • cikgu azman

    you are genius!!! worked on my win xp home at first try. but it's better to blank the value of product suite instead of deleting it.

  • Colin

    Wow, thanks so much!

  • dammit

    This worked great and allowed us to use remote desktop on my wife's pc. However, shortly after this change the system installed SP3 and afterwards we couldn't access the system. I tried a solution to use recovery console to overwrite the necessary files but we still got the same error. I restored back to a system restore point to get access to the machine, but when I try to reverse the changes it won't allow me to. Recreating the ProductSuite key is not permitted -it gets deleted as soon as you exit regedit. I was even clever and saved the reg configuration to I could restore the key back when I initially did this hack but it too is not allowed.

    In all not a big deal but something to keep in mind for those looking to try this. Either make sure you have sp3 already installed, or live without auto update (minor updates work fine)

  • Paul

    Woowww Thanks!!

  • Jeffrey

    I didn't think yhat this would work, but i wanted professional to work certain software, so i tried it. Now my computer reads as professional. Thank you

  • hurlain worked…thanx…bt it says I have to activate windows again in 27 days….didn't get that one…but thanks..

  • jammasta24

    this one works..

  • Yvaine

    what is a registry editor? step 1.

    sorry noob here. =(

  • knagy389us

    Hmm, I am interested in this hack to be able to install / run MS Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 (I'm looking to use the NFS mount capability from Windows to a Linux box)

    Any idea if this hack will allow me to do this?

  • SHarris

    This worked perfectly for me – win xp home sp3. Thank you.

  • zzzzzzzzz

    I wouldn't try this if I were YOU, unless you already have a hacked version of XP Home.

    Assuming this criteria is met, the functionality you gain is minimal. But if you have a hacked version already you might as well, especially if:

    1) you desperately need to join a domain

    2) you need remote desktop capability

    3) you need to bypass restrictions imposed by certain programs

    For people like me looking to add a Local Security Policy panel to XP with Home there is yet a solution…

  • Some people seem confused about the currentcontrolset00x instruction thought the steps are clear, i figured i'd try to clear up some of the confusion. As i understand it currentcontrolset001 is the working configuration of the system – i would assume this is not a value we are changing because the system may detect the tampering. Instead we edit the values that are loaded when Last known good is chosen.. which from what i remember from studying XP was the one with 002 value, however my system had 002 and 003 i just followed the steps for both.

    System properties now shows XP Pro, so now i guess the fun part is to try to apply the XP pro features..

    if you're not a computer teckie i'd do this with caution as i would not be surprised if future service packs or windows genuine tests melt down the system


  • Po

    unfortuately, IIS is not found in optional Window Components even though the OS became Windows XP Pro. RDP and new games are enabled but those aren't what i'm looking for.

  • Sri

    it didnt work for me i have xp home sp2

  • aftaab

    didn't work for me. I have sp3

  • Luis

    You are a genius.

    You just saved me hours of installing Win XP Pro on 3 machines.

    I was installing a software which just installs on Pro, it checks this reg value so did not let me.

    I followed these instructions and voila, i could install the software on those 3 machines with out the painful process of buying/downloading/installing/customizing xp pro.

    Thanks, thanks , thanks

  • LeirAGS

    I tested and wala…!!!

    I can share folders on the first boot after the change…!!!

    Note: My XPH have SP3 installed

  • Wow! This really works. Never thought it would be so easy to change 'home' to 'professional'. Thanks for saving me time and agravation!

  • my registry edit has 2 control sets u said controlset00x

    i have



    wich one do i change

  • iSilent

    Worked on my Acer Aspire one.

  • Marcel Hodak

    I think I followed the instruction correctly

    1. I deleted Productsuite

    2. I changed Dword/brand to zero file was already on my sytem

    4. I rebooted several times as the XP pro was not in windows system. Still is not there

    4. Also rebooted with F8 as instructed.

    I need to change to windows XP Pro to load SAS Enterprise guide 4.1. one of the requirements is that XP Pro must be on my system.

    Can someone advise on what I am doing wrong.

  • Taavet

    i have controlset 001,002,003 not OOX :S

  • jasond

    anyway im using acer aspire one zg5 and i want my home edition to be upgraded into xp pro….

  • jasond

    in my registry editor



  • Vic_Rod

    Worked as posted, any other tip for pro app.

  • Barry

    if you actually want to upgrade to Win XP Pro it is possible if you simply uninstall the service packs down to the service pack of the install disc you have. I just did this, works much better.

  • Rebecca

    Before I attempt this, could you clarify for me how to "create a new DWORD value"? Thanks.

  • travlr101

    Tried this on a New Acer netbook that came with XP Home w/ SP3 already installed. I had did a lot of data migration and application installations. I wanted to be able to join my domain at home and use offline files and folders (neither feature available on XP Home). I purchased XP pro but didnt want to have to reinstall and do all that customization again. I Followed the steps exactly as written (including step 8) and the machine came up as a professional (screen splash and all). I was able to run windows update (including the validation tool) without any problems. its been 2 weeks now and no discernable problems yet. Im still amazed that was so simple, oh BTW i was able to join my domain and offline files and folders was not available.

    Thanks !!

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  • Mombassa (hacker)

    Just ditch xp…go to linux. its simple. you dont even have to put linux on your box, you can run it via a flash drive look into it :google: Ubuntu linux via QEMU

  • Tim Ardan

    This worked well for me. I upgraded Home edition to SP3 first, then did this change. Worked well.

  • Connor

    Yes, system restore does work but when you have tried this fix months before sp3 came out windows would have deleted the restore points anyway. :(

  • Joe

    You dorks, before you do anything like this BACKUP YOUR REGISTRY!!!

    System restore works pretty good you know!

    I did this to try it out, created a restore point, tried it, worked, but did not want to invalidate the lisence. Restored, return beautiful. If you do this and want the upgrade, you will have to buy a XP license.

  • FancyPants

    Create a system restore point before you do this. That will make sure you do get any funky effects that other people are complaining about.

  • Daniel

    This works great!

    BUT, is there someone who has a solution on how to get SP3 on this XP Pro? You can install SP3, but when you reboot, you get an error, so you have to use safety mode to remove SP3 again to login.

    So, anybody know if it's possible to install SP3?

  • Nice!

    Just a small note: don't delete the ProductSuite registry key. Empty it.

    That way you don't need to create a new key, Brand, and you can easily restore the system — just put the string ('Personal' I think it was) back in place.

    If this hack doesn't work for you, it's most likely because you didn't follow point 8 properly.

  • ACE

    Nothing! what did i do wrong? any ideas for me?

  • I've followed the instructions as described above on a Compaq machine, freshly installed with the recovery partition and I've successfully joined the 'hacked' xp pro (previously home) to a 2003 SBS Domain.

    Thanks! :)

  • Jord

    Will it delete all of my documents?

  • divxpr


    January 12th, 2009 17:57 37

    my system completely fucked up, yes…it change to xp professional…but vga color won’t go higher than 4 bit…what a mess….better think twice before trying to do as told above."

    I get the same problem but what i did was restart and log in safe mode and admin. then i restart it again and voila! :D

  • Connor

    if you, like me, has forgoten to backup the registry you can still undo it!

    go to


    delete the dword that you created

    (just click ok if it complains about windows tampering)

    right click and select multi string value

    type Personal

    click ok

    right click on the key and rename it ProductSuite

    restart tap F8

    go to last known config

    then update to sp3

  • mine

    my system completely fucked up, yes…it change to xp professional…but vga color won't go higher than 4 bit…what a mess….better think twice before trying to do as told above.

  • jord

    will it delete all of you computer's programs?

  • jord

    Do you have to backup any of your computer files?

  • Chrelad

    This worked great! Thank you :D

  • Moi

    Get winternals and backup registry b4 completing this.

  • Duke

    ok so how do I go back to XP Home Edition ? I really regreted that I did this . and you over at DIGITALLIFE SHOULD PUT SOME KINDA DISCLAIMER THAT THE PC's WON'T UPDATE AFTER THIS HACK . f*********k

  • nothing

  • Jay

    how do you undo this?

    everytime i try to type in productsuite it wont save the change?

  • Thanks, I upgraded from XP Home to XP Professional as easy as that.

  • Ronn

    Your statement that one cannot upgrade XP Home to XP Pro without formatting is not true. However, one can get error message that upgrade not possible due to newer version on computer. In this case, XP Home is SP 3 but upgrade XP Pro is SP2. Simple solution: control panel/remove programs/delete SP3. Now install XP Pro.

  • Chad

    I suspected that would cause problems with updates. When it comes to my software, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I still know when to stay IN the shed!

  • Bryan Ray

    After playing around with it for some time, I have determined that this modification will not add any significant functionality to Windows XP. It will, however, cause the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation tool to flag your OS as hacked, preventing you from installing certain updates and applications. Make sure you backup your registry before trying this hack and that you know how to restore it.

  • bones

    Shit, this really worked.

  • dfdf

    turk yok mu lan turk

  • dsfd


  • Bryan Ray

    Can anyone verify if this modification will enable dual processor support?

  • Nik Kulks

    Wow..Now system property says XP Professional 2002 SP1..

    Great work!!

  • D Miller




  • Sean

    how do you get the productsuite key back because i want windows xp home back. Could you tell me what the information is for the productsuite key and then i will just put it back in. Thanks

  • N Bowes

    I have 4 Compaq 1220nx, all came with xp home. all upgrades were performed to sp3. Decided needed server with domain, did not want to reload all software. XP Pro (OEM) did upgrade on 3 of the 4 perfectly, making networking better. the 4th would not. So got XP pro retail, same deal would not offer option of upgrading, without loss of programs. Is there some way of migrating the programs to XP Pro, even if I have to install another hard drive? Why, we have several cad programs that we do not wish to reinstall and spend weeks figuring out how we got them to the present configuration.






    %SYSTEMROOT%system32OOBEmsoobe.exe /A





  • ghass

    Hi Kjeld,

    I have the same problem now and i can't access to windows. It gives the same error message "cannot verify the windows licence". So, how can i resolve this problem?


  • smart1


    Love the remote desktop conection/terminal server

  • Kjeld

    Hello, I tried this conversion and it worked out just fine. Except, afterwards I tried upgrading to SP3. It says the machine cannot verify the Windows license (and therefore Windows cannot start).

    Luckily I was able to roll back the SP3 installation.

  • ray fontes


    July 12th, 2008 07:02


    my registry edit has 2 control sets u said controlset00x

    i have



    wich one do i change



    …the one with the highest number.

  • Peter

    how do you reverse it?

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  • bbman101

    my registry edit has 2 control sets u said controlset00x

    i have



    wich one do i change

  • John

    Well I tried it for poops and giggles and it didn't work.

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  • admin

    mfk, it's useful to install rdp in xp home.

  • Gerardo

    I think one stronger reason, is a company that buy a domain controller, and realize that home ed. cannot be added to domains. Contrary to what you have said, is it possible to upgrade from home to professional normally with no hack. Just put the professional cd and chose the upgrade option. Nothing will be lose and the features of professional will be enabled (of course you will need a valid pro key). From pro to home isn't possible.

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  • mfk

    Dear Admin,

    Then what is the added advantage? And has anybody checked out the effect it has on wga, automatic updates etc.?

    Unless for some real benefit, there is no point! I love your tips, but this is not upto your standard!