You might find some interesting music from music channels such as iTunes, Napster, AOL Music, Zune, etc and intend to convert these music files to other audio formats such as wma, wmv or mp3 so that they can be played with portable media players such as iPod. However, these songs are DRM (Digital Right Management) protected. How do you convert these DRM protected music legally? SoundTaxi Pro Video Rip version 3.4.5 is the tool that can do the trick for you under Windows Vista.

SoundTaxi is a converter which can easily convert DRM protected music and movie files to various unprotected audio/video formats such as MP3, MPEG4, etc at an extremely high speed into CD quality legally. It is a shareware and users can download it for a trial via the link here. The full version of SoundTaxi Pro VideoRip v3.4.5 is $39.99.

SoundTaxi features a user friendly and informative interface. It can be easily installed and operated by users. SoundTaxi lets you choose the compression level and preserves ID3 tags for artist, album, title names etc. The audio/video format supported by SoundTaxi is inclusive of wma, wmv, mp3, rax, mp4, audio books, m4p, m4v, wav, ra, snd, aac, avi, ogg, aa and aif. SounTaxi can convert music from the following channels:
– iTunes
– Napster
– Zune
– Yahoo Music
– MusicMatch
– MSNMusic
– MusicLoad
– MTV / urge
– MusicNow
– BuyMusic
– AOL Music
– Virgin Digital
– Sony Connect
– Beon Music
– Peer Impact
– iMusica
– Rhapsody
– Wal-Mart
– AOL MusicNow
– Audible
– connect-europe
– akuma
– Listen JP
– ongen
– hmv
– Bigpond Music
– Soundbuzz
– digirama
– imusica
– cdigix
– cingular mMode
– puretracks
– metro tunes
– fnac

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