Recently Gmail Labs has rolled out another great feature that can convert your email content to Google Doc, in which you can define who you want to share it with, or publish it to public or even to your own blog. By having such feature, it will save you a lot of time and hassle to copy and paste the email content to word document, and then attach it in the email before sharing to your friends. All these steps can be simplified by just enabling Google Doc feature in your Gmail account.

To enable Google Doc feature, go to Setting -> Labs, locate to “Create a document” and select “Enable” to turn on this feature. Click on “Save Changes” button at the bottom to save the setting. If you are using IE browser, make sure you are using IE 7 as version lower than 7 is not supported to view Labs tab. Once this feature is turned on, you can see “Create a document” link available on the right of the email content. Click on this link and it will convert the email content to Google Doc in few seconds. From there, you can edit and save the document, then choose to share it to your friends. There are few options you can choose to share the document, such as only invite the specific person by granting him/her either with edit or view privilege, send it as email attachment, publish it online to public or even post it to your blog.