PowerPoint presentations are a dime a dozen nowadays. Unless you are a brilliant public speaker, it may not be enough to get your audience’s attention. You might want to increase the pace and up the tempo by turning your PowerPoint presentation into a captivating movie. Using iSpring Free can make your job so much easier.

iSpring Free is a useful PowerPoint add-in which can convert your static presentation slides into Flash format. This free application can work well with PowerPoint 2000/XP/2003 and 2007. It supports all formats including the latest “.pptx” format. Users do not have to worry the conversion process will change the original appearance of their PowerPoint presentation file. The benefit of this application is it can keep slides format such as transitions, hyperlinks, animation effects, audio effects and even inserted video clips. Another advantage of using flash format is it will compress and compact the presentation file so that it is less cumbersome. The compacted file is easier to be distributed and shared with others online without any unwitting changes made to it.

Download link for iSpring Free