Have you ever entertained the thought that the font types available in your computer are too nondescript or ordinary? Ever wished that you could convert your unique handwriting or calligraphy to typing font? If you have a streak of the narcissism in you, this wish can become reality with a handwriting-to-font application. While most of these applications are not free, you can check out the web-based service, YourFonts. This handwriting-to-font service is free and what you need are only a printer and a scanner.

Example of font created with YourFonts

To convert your handwriting to typing font, first of all you need to download and print out either the PDF or image template from YourFonts. Fill in the template with your handwriting, scan it, and upload the template back to YourFonts. YourFonts will do the converting process. Users can preview before downloading it from YourFonts and apply it as a trying font. For users who do not have a printer or a scanner, they can still download the template but they have to draw the fonts into the template via image editing tools instead of printing it out and scanning it. This also allows users to write in the characters using a tablet.