If you are dealing with copying path and filename name, what you normally do is go to explore, locate the file and copy the path as displayed in address bar, paste the path in somewhere else, then right click on the file name and choose Rename, copy the file name and append it to the path you have copied just now. If you have to capture another full path of the file name, then you need to repeat the same steps again. This traditional way will definitely take you few more extra steps to just copy a path and file name which could be time consuming. Now with Copy Path utility, it allows you to copy path information of multiple files to clipboard in a single time, saving some of your time for other more important tasks.


Copy Path is a nifty utility that allows you to copy full path, location, file name, UNC full path, UNC location for one or more files to the clipboard. Once you have installed Copy Path utility, go to explorer and select any files, then right click on it and you will notice Copy Path to be appeared at the right click context menu. Mouse over will display a list of sub menus, which are Full Path, Location, File Name, UNC Full Path and UNC Location. If you select Full Path, the path and the selected file name will be copied, Location is to copy the path of the file and File Name is to only copy the file name. The difference between Full Path vs UNC Full Path and Location vs UNC Location is UNC will display with this format \\{computer name}\c$\…. whereas without UNC, the path is displayed in C:\…. format. If multiple files are selected, then the path information of these selected files will be copied to clipboard as well. Besides, it provides options to display path information directly in the right click context menu and you can even choose to truncate long paths to shorter one if the path information are too long. Bear in mind that the entire path is still copied to the clipboard even though the path information displayed in right click context menu is truncated. If multiple files are selected, then the path information of the first file (sorted by alphabetical) will be used to display in the context menu.


Copy Path ver 1.1 is absolutely free to download and is compatible to run on Windows XP/Vista/7.