It is quite common to copy files from one directory to another or to external removable storage device. Although it seems to be a very simple task but in case you are looking for a tool with more customization and full control, here is a good software utility, named as Copy Handler that able to help you.


Copy Handler is a freeware and once you have installed and launched it, it will run at background and stay quietly in system tray. To launch the utility, just double click on the system tray icon and this interface will show files copying progress including details information like current and average speed, buffer sizes, priority, progress by size, visual bar, time elapsed/left and etc. During files copying and moving process, you can pause, resume, restart or cancel them at anytime you want. Besides, it allows you to copy multiple files simultaneously by inserting tasks into queue, then process them by order. You can even set to shut down your computer automatically immediate after files copying process is completed. This feature is very useful especially when the files size are huge and you don’t need to just wait for the copying process to finish to shut down your computer manually. On top of this, if your computer is crashed or lost network connectivity when you are in the middle of copying files, Copy Handler is able to resume all unfinished operations when your computer is started or connected back to network.

Copy Handler is absolutely free to download. It works well on Windows XP/Vista/7 and support for both 32 and 64-bits OS. To experience it yourself, just download it at here.