Quitting smoking has significant benefits for smokers and their loved ones. However, it is not easy for a smoker to quit smoking and end all nicotine use. There are various methods and devices which can assist smokers to quit smoking. One of the useful devices introduced in our earlier post is via Electro Fag, an electronic cigarette which has been invented to help smokers quit smoking. Besides these electronic devices, another creative invention smokers can try is this fun application called CostofSmoking Financial Calculator.

Developed by CBNINT, CostofSmoking is a Freeware for Windows OS. The rationale of using this application is to tackle smokers where it them hard – on their wallets. Smoking is not cheap and costs quite a lot. CostofSmoking financial calculator will indicate to smokers how much they have spent in smoking. By using this calculator, smokers will be shocked by the actual cost of smoking. They could make better use of this amount of money especially in this high global inflation period. The shocking amount may motivate smokers to reduce their smoking habit and even quit smoking one day. CostofSmoking doesn’t feature a fancy interface but it comes with a handful of options and functions to assist smokers.

Direct Download Link for CostofSmoking financial calculator.