Users who purchased digital media such as songs, musics, videos and etc from online stores or contents providers such as AOL MusicNow, Directsong, FYE, Musicmatch Jukebox, Napster, PassAlong, MTV URGE, Wal-Mart Music Downloads, Ruckus Network, Yahoo Music and Real Rhapsody, or iTunes shop, may have to deal with license or media usage rights acquisition for the media and live with the restriction to the free and fair usage of the contents, as most digital media sold by these networks are copy-protected and tightly controlled its access by Microsoft PlayForSure or other DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Fortunately nothing is perfect. Hackers have since released FairUse4WM to crack and remove the DRM of the protected Windows Media contents. FairUse4WM is a free DRM removal utility that strips copy-protection from Windows Media video (.WMV, .ASF) and audio, song or music (.WMA) files downloaded from PlayForSure-compatible or DRM-enabled sites, including protected contents from Microsoft Zune Marketplace. With DRM component removed, the DRM-free media can be copied, shared, distributed and ported to other devices for playback without any limitations, including easily convert into MP3 files that able to play on most if not all digital media player. You can even rip the protected streaming video or audio media contents.

FairUse 4 WM has released an updated version – FairUse4WM 1.3 Fix-2 – that supports and works on Windows XP and Vista with Windows Media Player (WMP) 9, 10 and 11 version up to 11.0.6000.6324. The FairUse4WM 1.3Fix-2, released by Divine Tao on doom9 forum, also comes a tool named mirakagi which uncovers the individual keys from Microsoft’s DRM blackbox components (IBX), up to version 11.0.6000.6324, and then enter the IBX keys into the FairUse4WM blackbox-keys.txt text file.

How to Use Mirakagi and FairUse4WM 1.3 Fix-2 (FU4WM13Fix-2) Step by Step Guide

  1. Download (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4 or link 5) containing mirakagi.exe and FairUse4WM.exe.
  2. Unpack and extract the zip file.
  3. Play the DRM protected content, and acquire whatever licenses or media usage rights required to play the media. FairUse4WM only authorize fair use of media, not piracy. Note that you must also individualize your system WMP first.
  4. Run mirakagi.exe, and click on START! to uncover the individual keys from Microsoft Windows Media Player DRM blackbox components (IBX) key and enter the IBX keys into the FairUse4WM blackbox-keys.txt text file.


    You should see an output similar to this:

    Mirakagi starts, code version 0.9
    Found 0 keys in keyring.
    Processing "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM\cache\Indiv01.key"
    Version: 11.0.6000.6324 ...
    XML - Cert: 84 bytes, Key Storage: 1392 bytes.
    DLL 1000/8dbe2 @ ac01000 && 8f000/1bac9 @ ac8f000
    Large 1341 Small 0 Special 22,0 (0,111)
    S: 3 T:3 X:61
    AES: e6 23 15 db d2 9c 99 73 cc 0e d1 3c 73 e8 65 87
    Decoding secondary keys
    Please wait for 23427 attempts.
    It is finished.

    P/S: Interestingly, the Chinese words literally mean See Naked/Nude Key.

  5. Run FairUse4Wm.exe, and then click on “Recover Keys” button on Fair Use 4 Windows Media (FairUse4WM 1.3fix-2) window.


    Note: If mirakagi.exe works properly (especially in Vista and newer version of WMP) to retrieve the IBX key, you won’t see this main screen with Recovery Keys button, but will go straight to “Select files to make device independent” screen.

  6. Click “Start”. The output on screen should looks something like the following:

    Extraction in progress on "Indiv01.key" 11.0.6000.6324 -- Please wait.
    Phase 0 : Blocks: 1340 Large 0 Small, Errors: 0,0 Candidates: 6,3,2
    AES KEY: 11 f2 79 3d 50 82 a9 dd 11 19 dc c5 28 10 5a 8d
    Testing 2050 possibilities for primary private key.
    >> Completed. Primary and 1 secondary ECC key recovered (0 bogus).

  7. Click “OK” until coming back to the FU4WM main screen, then click on “Next”.
  8. Click on “Add Files”, and then navigate to your music album folder or video folder, and select the medias that you want to strip the DRM component so that they can playback on any device or player. To select all files, press Ctrl-A.
  9. Select a folder in the “Output” drop down menu where you want to put DRM-free device-independent cracked Windows Media audio or video files. You can also select <Use Same Directory> where the new media files with licenses removed will be created with [NoDRM] prefix.
  10. Click Next. Once done, click “Back” to crack more Windows Media Player licensed files or Finish to exit.