RapidShare is a leading file storage hosting service, which they claim themself as world’s biggest and fastest 1-click file-hoster. It’s undeniably that there are a lot of files, from audio to video, that’s available on RapidShare, sharing with the whole world. However, if you want to download the files without paying to upgrade to Premium-account (as a free user), you will have to face some limitations.

RapidShare has a download limit of 30 MB per hour for free user. Beside, free users can only parallelly download 1 file at a time, and subject to countdown (waiting) time delay before download start. And if you’re behind a proxy (or transparent proxy, which most ADSL users going through without notice) of an ISP, you most likely share the same IP address with other users. This may (and most likely) caused you unable to download anything from RapidShare because RapidShare limit 30 MB per hour for each free user, based on their IP address!

RapidShare Hack: Disable ezshare.de download counter (waiting time / download delay)

  1. Browse the RapidShare download link.
  2. Click on the Free button to initiate the download when prompted to choose either Premium or Free.
  3. Once the Download-Ticket reserved, the download countdown counter will start.
    RapidShare Download Ticket
  4. Skip the countdown process by copy and paste the following javascript into the web browser address bar:

    Note: Javascript has been removed. It’s not an effective crack and just save your less than 1 minute of waiting time anyway.



    javascript:var c=0;

    Then press Enter, or click on Go.

    Note: You can right click on the above link and click on Add to Favorites (IE) or Bookmark this Link (Firefox) to add the hack as bookmarklet.

  5. RapidShare download link to the file will appear immediately.
  6. To speed up the bypass process, above hack javascript can be bookmarked.
    • Right-click on the javascript.
    • Select “Add to Favorites” (in Internet Explorer) or “Bookmark This Link” (in Mozilla Firefox).
    • In Internet Explorer, select “Yes” to the warning that the bookmark may be unsafe.
    • Name the favorite/bookmark whatever name you want (i.e. RapidShare No Wait).
    • Create the favorite/bookmark in location you prefer. In IE, for convenient, you can create it under Links folder, which allows you to access it directly from IE toolbar.
    • When you come to RapidShare download time countdown delay page, just click on the favorite/bookmark.

Note: The following JavaScript URL can be used if the above hacking method not working properly (in single link, remove any link break):

Note: Javascript has been removed. It’s not an effective crack and just save your less than 1 minute of waiting time anyway


As above, just copy and paste the JavaScript into the address bar and press Enter or click Go.

RapidShare Hack: Crack and Disable RapidShare download limit

RapidShare also limit free users, based on their IP address, to certain download limit, and after reaching the limit, RapidShare will block your IP address. To overcome RapidShare download limit, since it’s based on IP address, the techniques to change or mask the IP address will come in useful to hack the RapidShare.

There are several ways to change your IP address (or at least showing different IP address to RapidShare). Whatever ways, you need to clear your web browser’s cookies first.

1. Request new IP address from ISP (for dynamic IP address Internet users only)

  1. Click Start -> Run
  2. Type cmd in the Open box, then click OK.
  3. At the command prompt, run the following commands one by one:

    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew
  4. Try to download from RapidShare again.
  5. Note: It’s possible to put all the commands above into a batch file and simply run the batch file to complete the IP changing process. To create the batch file, use Edit in command prompt or Notepad, copy and paste the above commands into the editor, and save the file with extension of .bat or .cmd (for Notepad, change the File Type to All File too).

2. Use a proxy server, or a different proxy server

You can get a list of available public proxy server easily by searching “proxy server” in search engine such as Google or Yahoo!. Choose a proxy server and note down its IP address and port number.

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings. Select (check) the option of Use a proxy server for your LAN. Then key in the proxy server IP address and port in respective box. Click OK to continue.

In Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools -> Options -> Connection Settings. Then select (click) Manual proxy configuration and key in proxy server information. Click OK to continue.

Obviously, once you hit the download limit, you will need to change the proxy server again. There are tools that help you to switch the proxy server automatically. In Internet Explorer, try Steganos Internet Anonym 2006 from Steganos or Hide IP from V7soft. In Firefox, use the SwitchProxy extension. Both software allow you to change the proxy server easily, with just few clicks.