Remember the magic talking books and photos in Harry Potter? If you are ever bored with static conventional photos and would like to animate the images you send to family or friends by making them talk, try CrazyTalk Pro. This app allows you to bring to life any images whether they are taken from photos, drawings or websites. The application is user-friendly and hassle-free: just select the image or photo you want, import it into CrazyTalk Pro, indicate where the eyes and mouth are. The people in the photo can say anything while animating through the emotion wizard and timeline.

This creative app can be used to surprise your friends, enliven your presentation, put up a puppet show for your kids or help to interest young children in reading. You can also share CrazyTalk Pro movies as standard video, HD, or optimized web video using YouTube or Flash enabled export. The app requires Windows XP/Vista to run. Interested users can try the product for 15 days’ for free or purchase it for $149.95. Live Update function has been added to Version 5.1. Have fun tweaking your images and photos to make them come to life.