Users for Internet Explorer 8 should be quite familiar with the new InPrivate feature available in this browser. The new InPrivate function of IE8 is a security feature that allows users to control and determine whether the browsing history, cookies and other data should be saved. If users opt for InPrivate mode while browsing, the browser will not leave any traces of the browsing activities on the computer.

While browsing in InPrivate mode, the browser wouldn’t store any new cookies, form data, passwords, visited links and even the addresses typed into the address bar. The history entries will not be recorded and the new temporary Internet files will be deleted after the Private Browsing window is closed. This feature is useful especially for employees who always surf net during working hours and worry about being caught by the boss! If you are one of them, well, probably it is a good idea to set your IE browser to InPrivate mode as default so that every time when you browse the net, it would not leave any traces.

With a simple command line added to your browser’s shortcut, you can alter your IE shortcut and allow it to run in the InPrivate mode without having to launch it from a non-private window. Just follow a few steps here:

1. On the desktop, right-click your mouse and select New->Shortcut
2. Type in the following line into the Shortcut window prompted out:
“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” –private
3. Click Next.
4. Add a name for this new shortcut, e.g. IE8-InPrivate
5. Click Finish.

Your new IE shortcut which will lead you to run your browser in the InPrivate Mode will appear.