Sending an e-card or email to wish your friend happy birthday or to congratulate the newlyweds on their wedding can be rather mundane and ordinary. Probably you are thinking of creating a video message instead to extend your wishes to your friends. To create a video message, you need to get your electronic devices ready and the relevant software applications to edit your masterpiece. A bit troublesome and time consuming? Try Outshouts, which can give you a simpler and easier way to get your work done.

Outshout is an interesting web service which stores a large collection of uploaded video and audio. Users can make use of this collection, personalize the selected video with their own recorded voice messages and send it out to their recipients. OutShouts makes it easy for users to record their voice message on their favorite web video via some simple editing features. Users can just connect their microphone to the computer and record an audio track to be added to the selected video. Of course users can also add the recorded voice to their own video uploaded to other sources.

OutShouts is now in Beta. It is pretty interesting and free. Users can just create a video message and send it to their friends without registering or signing up at the site. Users can either send their video message by emailing their friend a link to the OutShouts page or embed it in their blog or website. Besides creating a video message, registered users can enjoy light social-networking functions available on this site. This social networking circle allows registered members to connect with other members and add friends like other social networking sites. OutShout also supports mobile devices. Users can use their mobile phone to record voice messages or send their video messages to their friends’ mobile devices.