If you have a good sense of humor, surely you will love ZeallSoft FunPhotor, a fun and easy to use photo blending software that allows you to insert your friends or family’s portraits into famous artwork templates to create comical effects. For instance, you can add your wife’s face to a $100 bill or your baby’s cute face on Mount Rushmore!
FunPhotor has released its latest version FunPhotor 7.52. It supports all Windows Operating System. You can buy it at $39.95. You can also download the trial version (Click here). There are more than 100 high quality templates that include Mona Lisa, a body builder, or the US President speaking from his official podium. You can edit texts and add colourful taglines and descriptions. This funny software also allows you to create your own custom templates.

Key features of FunPhotors
• The registered user can get a lot of Templates.
• Supports Video Cameras to take your picture.
• Only 4 steps to create fun photo. Very Easy and fast!
• Support Multi-Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
• Create & share your own surprise templates.
• Over 200 cool templates to make editing easier.
• Text editing lets you add colorful taglines and descriptions.
• Support E-mail: you can easily send your final images to friends!
• Print your masterpiece on a single sheet of paper.