You might encounter situations where you need to provide the email address in order to access particular downloads, especially from public forums or product evaluations. Although providing the email address is not so big of a problem, but there is a concern about the email addresses being sold or shared to the spam vendors. Therefore, isn’t it good if the personal email address is being kept private while we still could complete the web forms by using temporary but valid email addresses?

Mailinator fits into this situation where Mailinator allows users to create temporary email addresses on the fly for free and need not to surrender the real private email addresses. Creating an email address in Mailinator is a trivial process where only the name of the email address is needed.  

Do familiarized yourself with the facts about Mailinator before you start using the service:

  • No connection to your real email address as the email is hosted at Mailinator.
  • Alternate domain names could also be used if “” is blocked. The list of alternate domain names are available from Mailinator website.
  • Mailinator keeps only the maximum of 10 email messages per email address.
  • Mailinator auto-deletes the emails in a few hours time.
  • No password is required to read the emails and hence anyone can access the email by just using the email names. The usage of random string for the email name is crucial to avoid “collision”.
  • Emails can be read from Mailinator website (e.g. http://[mailboxname] or RSS subscriptions.
  • Mailinator is not intended for communicating confidential information.
  • Only plain-text viewing is supported where images, attachments in the original email are stripped.
  • Emails cannot be sent from Mailinator website.

Hence, just visit to get your free and temporary email address to fill up the unknown 3rd party web forms. Enter the desired email address name in the top left corner of the Mailinator website and hit the “Go!”  button to create the email address on the fly!