In order to let the users to stay longer at YouTube and have more funs, YouTube has teamed up with three video creation sites Xtranormal Movie Maker, Stupeflix Movie Maker and GoAnimate to offer YouTube users with ability to make personal videos or animations and post them directly to YouTube for free, without requires expensive software.

Highlight key features of the Xtranormal Movie Maker includes:

  • Let users to turn anything their type into a fully-animated CG movie.
  • Allow users to set up their scene, type in their script and animate it instantly.
  • Easily share something funny with friends or create the next viral sensation.

Highlight key features of the GoAnimate includes:

  • Lets user to make animated videos for free.
  • Able to create animated videos in just 10 minutes without having to draw.
  • Can create own cast of characters.

Highlight key features of the Stupeflix Movie Maker includes:

  • Lets user pull together their own images, clips and even maps into a dynamic video slideshow.
  • Convert digital content into a personal story within few seconds.

Those YouTube users who interested to try out the above applications, can just visit to create personal videos or access directly from the below official link.

Xtranormal Movie Maker:
Stupeflix Movie Maker: