Converting your favourite and interesting photos or home video into a custom video montage is one of the ways to protect your precious memories or exciting experiences. You can compile your sweet and memorable photos or vides and thence add in music, texts, create special effecs, etc to make it interesting and fun. You can thence keep the video montage created or share it with friends. We have introduced an online video maker tool, Animoto, in our previous post. The effect is cool and it is free. Besides Animoto, another free tool you can also try is “One True Media”.

One True Media is another free service to create a video montage. It allows users to upload their photos, video clips, images onto the site. Users can thence pre-set special effects; insert transition styles or caption and add in music to turn the standard slideshow into a moving video production with interesting animation effect. Users can find substantial music files and video themes which they can utilize to start up their video creation. Once the video has been created, users can share their masterpiece with friends by sending their friends the link or they can embed the code to their website so that visitors can download it from the website. If users want to keep a hard copy of their masterpiece, they can also make a purchase by requesting One True Media to send them a DVD on their work.

Photos can fade, rip and degrade in quality over a long period of time. By converting your photos or video to video montage and keeping it in a DVD, you can prolong the quality. One True Media is a free platform. Users just need to register and they can start using it. The free version features all the necessary tools and templates. Of course users need to pay if they opt for the premium package.