A bit similar to the image sharing and hosting platform, Flick, Jalbum is another free online hosting service that allows users to create their own photo album gallery and share their digital images with friends and others. The whole setting up of your own personal web album is quite simple with Jalbum. It is only 3 steps away: download the Jalbum web album software, create your own album, and publish the album.


Jalbum album application can be downloaded from the Jalbum site and easily installed to the computer. It is a Java-based application and it is cross-platform compatible, e.g. with Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Once it is installed, users can easily add photos to the album by just dragging-and-dropping from the file manager. Jalbum also features a few useful image editing and filtering tools for some basic manipulation and improvement of the images by users. Users can flip images, crop unwanted portions, remove red eye, add blurring effect, etc to their images. Everything can be done with just a few mouse clicks. After image editing, users can continue to customize or create a theme for their web photo album. Unlike other platforms, Jalbum allows users to choose from a variety of artworks as their gallery’s “skin”. If the template skins are not to users’ liking, users who are familiar with CSS and Jawascript can choose to create their own skin and customize their photo album in their preferred way. Once users are satisfied with their photo album, they can easily upload their album to Jalbum. JAlbum now offer users up to 30MB free photo storage space to store and host their photo album. Of course users can upgrade to a paid account for more storage.

Jallbum supports various image files such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc. Overall, this online photo album is quite useful and flexible. Most importantly, with this free service, users can easily create a professional online photo album to share their valuable memories, e.g. wedding photos, graduation photos, etc with others in a very presentable and attractive manner.