Have you ever think that one day you might create your own search engine? Now, you can easily build and customized the search engines with BuildaSearch. BuildaSearch is a San Diego based company which came up with an all new search service. The users don’t need to have any programming skills and easily to create a search engine for single site or multiple site searches within less than 5 minutes. It also allows the users to paste a custom search engine or site search to external sites which support PHP language. For this particular function, the users also don’t required to code as the PHP Code is dynamically rendered.

Buildaserach.com is 100% web-based and no requires download. It is “fully customizable via a home-made recipe”. All the customizations can be done by using BuildaSearch user Interface. Users can simply color it, name it, customize the logo, boxes, header and etc. Before you can get started, you have to sign-up and get new user account from BuildaSearch. There is no need to download or perform any installation. Just logged in, follow step by step guides to create or customize your own search engine.