photojojoAll the write-ups and reviews about gadgets and sophisticated equipment may whet your appetite but this website stirs your imagination. If you have a decent digital camera but have been taking lackluster photos which lack imagination, visit Photojojo to get some handy tips on how to create great photos which make others marvel.

A useful site for amateur photographers and enthusiastic shutterbugs who do not have the technical know-how, Photojojo sends you a blast twice a week via email. The tips and ideas are simple and budget-friendly. Users can get practical ideas which make photography fun, simple and rewarding. The topics range from how to shrink your subject using optical illusion to how to erase unwanted figures from your photo without using expensive tools like Photoshop. The newsletters allow you an insight into the fascinating and exciting world of photography without the technical jargon. The newsletters are also arranged in chronological order for users to browse through the archive or simply to search for a topic of interest.

If you like to take photos and have the time to experiment with new ideas, this website will surely get your creative juices pumping and your friends and relatives talking about your latest hobby.