ARM processors have been trying to penetrate into netbook segment which is still being monopolized by Intel Atom processor. While both ARM and X86 architecture doesn’t seems to be able to co-exist, have you ever wonder that there could be PC makers that trying to integrate them both into a notebook PC design? The recent announced machine from CUPP Computing, a Norwegian company is one of the good examples.

Being designed with Intel Core 2 Duo processor clocking at 2.3GHz and further backed up by 4GB RAM, the processor is more than sufficient for office processing and even graphics centric application. But in order not to compromise with fast battery drain when underutilized for simple tasks or web browsing, a thermally efficient 720MHz ARM-based TI OMAP 3430 supported by 512MB RAM has been integrated that can be easily switched for power saving depending on usages. Good thing is, the hybrid model shares the same 320GB hard disk drive that simplifies the design and file sharing. Other specifications include a 16-inch LVDS panel, three USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output and many more which have yet to be disclosed.

With each of them preloaded separately using Ubuntu LXDE (for TI OMAP 3430) and Windows 7 (for Intel Core 2 Duo) Operating Systems, it provides dual boot capability besides power saving which is crucial for mobile computing for greater usability. No pricing information yet, CUPP targets mass production by September with actual availability expected by end of this year.