The global village is sometimes an irony for many people do not know the names of many of the countries in the world much less their capitals or flags. Knowledge of many different countries, cultures and peoples will stand one in good stead in an increasingly global market and economy besides expanding one’s horizon and perspectives. Of course, this involves knowing more than the names or geographic locations of countries although this could possible be the first step in the right direction. Enigeo is a geography quiz designed to get users acquainted with different countries in the world in an interactive and two-dimensional manner.

Enigeo is a great educational tool for learning geography that comes free with Microsoft Windows. Users can custom design the quiz to focus on questions of country names, capitals, locations, or flags, or to combine any of these. Users could also limit the quiz questions to a specific continent to make the learning process more meaningful or relevant to their needs.

A new screen featuring the world map is loaded when the quiz begins. The quiz questions appear on the top left corner of the screen and users either have to point their cursor to the right location on the map or select the right answer from the options given on the left sidebar. Users can zoom in and out of the map or scroll around with their mouse.

In Explorer mode, users can point the cursor to a specific location in the map and the software will display facts about the country. This interactive feature makes fact finding as well as learning more learner-centered and fun. Enigeo is available in seven languages and is compatible with all Windows versions.