zzzphone1.jpgShutterbugs might desire a handset with a high camera resolution. However, they might not need additional features which come along such as the GPS or VOIP system. To get their preferred handset features, sometimes they might have no option but to get a handset with other additional functions and this will burn a hole in their pocket. To cater to this category of customers, an American China based company, zzzphone, has adopted the strategy implemented by the market leader in the personal computer manufacturing industry, DELL. The zzzPhone allows customers to make their order online and customize their own handset. To dispel doubts about products made in China, the company also reassures users that it will use the same high quality components as other major market leaders like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

Since customers can place direct orders to the manufacturer and no middle man is involved, the price for the custom made handset is pretty cheap. The handset from zzzphone featuring almost the same functions is less than half the price compared to ultra-popular handsets such as Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone. The price for the handset from zzzphone starts at $149 (base price) and it is fully customizable. Customers can add or remove features and accessories. They can change the logo, casing colour and so on. zzzPhone also provides the service for users to pre-install media content such as MP3 music and MP4 movies.

This is quite a creative business strategy adopted by zzzPhone. In this individualistic and fashion-ruled world, users have the option to customize their preferred handsets. Besides, the price of the handset is relatively cheap. Having said that, the zzzPhone is very new to the mobile phone industry. The management and administration of online booking system by this company has yet to be tested. Unlike established handset manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc, which has customer service all over the world, zzzphone’s customers might have service and repair problems after purchasing their customized phone.

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