The default ringtones stored in your brand new mobile phones might not be your cup of tea and probably the music selection is too outdated. If that is the case, why not take the opportunity to learn and DIY your favorite ringtones. It is not as difficult as you might think. With some useful web-based services, you can easily create you personalized ringtones and store them into your mobile phone. They are user-friendly and mostly cost free. Of course some users may wonder why they need to use these web services since there are many free ringtone converter programs that can be downloaded to do the job. Well, this is just a matter of perception. Web based services are in fact a more convenient approach. Users could save the hassle of downloading and installing the program while producing equally good quality outcome. Having said that, the choice still depends on individuals.

There are various useful web-based services available online which provide a quick service to convert music to ring tones. MyMusicRings is one of the online services which allows users to upload their favorite MP3, customize it, and save back to their computer or send it directly to their mobile phone. Users are not required to install any software and the service is free. This service works on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, iPhone, etc. Besides ringtones, users also can use this service to customize their preferred wallpapers.

Similar to MyMusicrings, Mobile 17 works on the same basis whereby users can upload their selected music, customize it, and wait for the site to send them the ringtone. Users can decide and specify the exact part of the music they want to be converted to their ringtone. Mobile 17 supports a long list of popular mobile phones inclusive of iPhone. Nevertheless, users need to sign up before using the facility. Another free service that allows users to upload MP3 songs from their computer is Audiko. This online service also allows users to cut or capture the fragment of the selected song they like and make a ringtone out of it. Once the ringtone is created, users can share it with other Audiko users, Facebook users or embed it into blogs. Besides the above mentioned, other similar online ringtone creators which offer the same features and functions include ToneBee, PhoneZoo, Cellsea and Online Ringtone Converter.