Many Windows 7 users probably would be bored seeing the default Windows login screen every time when they switch on their computer. It is definitely more interesting and would enlighten users’ day if the typical default screen can be replaced with some other fascinating photos. Despite the substantial changes and new features available in Windows 7 compared to its predecessors, users are still unable to customize and change the login screen easily. To change the look of the default logon screen, an easier way to do it is via LogonStudio, a free desktop application that allows users to customize their preferred Windows logon and also shutdown screens.

LogonStudio is an interesting desktop application that helps users to customize and make the logon screen the way they prefer. Once it is installed, users will notice several logon screens offered to be selected by users. Users can select one of these library screens and click “Apply” to replace the default logon screen. If these screens which come together with the software application are not impressive enough, users can click on to the “Download” button on the left pane to bring users to and download more choices of logon screens posted by the developer as well as others shared by users.

LogonStudio enables users to download and renew their logon screen conveniently. However, this application does not allow users to customize and program the setting so that the logon screen can be changed automatically at each logon or on a daily basis. Users who like the application can download it via the link here.