CyberLink DVD Suite 7 CentraCyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra is an older version of what now known as CyberLink Media Suite 8 Centra, the cheapest edition of media creativity software suite, which aims to provide all-in-one editing and authoring solution for everything multimedia. With CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra, user can use the PowerStarter interface for easy access to a complete range of tasks for enjoying movies, editing HD videos, creating slideshows, authoring discs, managing media, and backing up data.

Essentially, CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra packs several independent CyberLink products which specialize in various tasks, including the following:

  • MediaShow 4 DE – Manage digital media and create slideshows
  • PowerDirector 7 DE – Edit high-definition videos and photos
  • PowerProducer 5 DVD – Author DVDs
  • PowerDVD 8 Standard – Play DVDs, remix DVDs and build a DVD library
  • Power2Go 6 Deluxe – Rip music and create music disc
  • PowerBackup 2.5 – Archive data to DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  • InstantBurn 5 – Burn files to DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  • PowerDVD Copy – Copy DVDs with video content
  • Moovie Live – Share remixes, DVD information and personal reviews
  • WaveEditor – Edit audio
  • LabelPrint 2 – Design disc labels
  • PowerStarter 8 – Access tasks and applications

So, for CyberLink software lovers, CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra is one of the best value package an end-user can get, especially now it’s available for free download, as full version software without limitation, restriction, expiry date nor watermark imprint. is giving away free full version and licensed copy of CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra with free download of huge setup installer (946.6 MB to be specific), as Christmas holiday season joint promotion with There are a total of 29,000 free licenses to be given away. To grab a free copy of CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra for free, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the following CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra page on

  2. Click on “Vollversion kaufen” button.

    Download Full Version CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra

  3. For user who already has a account (e.g. when taking advantage of free CyberLink PowerDirector 7 Ultra), login with previously registered user name and password.

    SoftwareLoad Account

    Else, click on “Nue registrieren” button to register an account. The registration form is in German, so fill up the form according to the English translated meaning in the figure below.

    Register SoftwareLoad Account

    Note: Password must have 8 characters or more, and security question must be 6 characters or longer. If you don’t understand what security question is about, just enter any answer. Just make sure that you don’t forget or lose your password.

    Hit “Registrieren” button when done, and check for an email from “” with the subject of “Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihre Anmeldung bei Softwareload”. Click on the confirmation link, and login to Softwareload account.

  4. At purchase payment page, select T-Pay (per Telekom Rechnung, Kreditkarte oder MicroMoney) as “Bezahlverfahren” (payment method).
  5. Enter ChipXmasDn5G7kp2 as the “Gutschein-Code” (coupon code).

    CyberLink Full Discount Coupon Code

  6. Click OK button twice to continue.

    Note: A confirmation page which stating that Reduzierter Preis (Reduced Price) is € 0,00 and Sie sparen (You save) € 55,90 should be displayed. If it’s not 0 (zero), do not proceed or you will be charged.

  7. A registration or activation license key code will be displayed, together with a direct download link to, which contains the setup installation executable for CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra. Download and save the ZIP package as soon as possible as the download link may be removed once promotion is over.

    Free Full Version CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra with Serial Number

    Tip: It is possible to click on “Lizenzschlüssel downloaden/drucken” link to download the license and registration information in .rtf document.

  8. Use the registration serial number to register and activate the full version product during installation.

Update: Free English version licensed serial number of CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra