With email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, users can easily setup an automatically response so that all the senders will be notified of your status (either out of office or busy). And if you wonder how you can set up the same feature on your iPhone, the new tweak in Cydia is probably one of your good options. Named as AutoResponder, it allows users to setup an auto response text messages to all senders with either internal default messages or own customized messages.

As usual, the tweak requires your iPhone to be jailbroken before users can really enjoy it. Once you have done so, just head over to Cydia to get it. Under search section, type in AutoResponder and you should able to find it ready for download and installation. Once completing Springboard restart, now the tweak should be effective for use. While there is no new icon being installed, but users should be to find a new configurable Auto Responder screen under Settings. Over here, users are allowed to use internal default message or even creating custom message depending on own preference. Once set, without further intervention or tapping on Send button, the pre-configured message will be automatically sent out to all senders, notifying them directly on your current status (after the message is received from sender).

However, the app is not free and it costs USD1.49 to own a copy on your iOS devices. Also, it will utilize your carrier plan to send the text message so use it wisely without exceeding your budgeted carrier plan unnecessary.