There are many apps’ icons that still not retina optimized and may potentially affect the overall outlook of your Springboard on iPhone 4. If you are looking for way to convert them, now here is a simple tweak from Cydia that you can try. Named as iRetinizeBoot, it is a free solution that can easily transform any of your non-retina optimized apps’ icons so that they suit better on your retina display screen.

The beauty about iRetinizeBoot is it is almost effortless since users don’t need to do conversion for icon one after another. Instead, it will just run when users boot their iOS devices, and at the same time checking for any new installed apps that are not retina optimized and then do a fix on it. Once completed, it will close by itself, freeing up all the available resource without running in background. By now, users should be able to notice that some (if not all) of the icons have been iRetinized.

Do take note that not all icons can be iRetinized but almost all of them can be done as claimed by the developer. If you don’t see the effect after the first respring especially when you have more than 100 apps’ icons, it could be due to some additional time needed to complete the rest of icons iRetinized process and those effect should be reflected in the next respring or reboot cycle. Anyway, since iRetinizeBoot is free, no harm to try it and users can grab it under modmyi repository in Cydia.