Looking to upgrade your existing wireless router from 802.11a/b/g to the latest 802.11n? The 802.11n certified router may be expensive as there are just available in market recently. But following the recent announcement by D-Link to reduce the ASP (Average selling price) for its entry level 802.11n router in the market, you should expect the price to be more affordable to public. The entry level version is believed to cost not more than $50, which is in the similar price range as compared to high end 802.11b/g router.


The price reduction is quite significant, around 35 percent lower as compared to what its competitors such as Netgear and Linksys have offered. For those users that fed up with limited bandwidth available in existing specification, now is the right time to grab the opportunity for the upgrade. As compared to current specification, the 802.11n compliant router will offer 2-3 times higher in throughput with the use of MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology.

The price adjustment will take effect in North America region first and is believed to be rolled out in other regions soon. No doubt, it will further push up its targeted sales to two million units by this year. Also, we are hoping to see other competitors enter the price war that will eventually bring benefit to end users.